Are Cord Cutting Streaming Services Worth The Price?

Annually an increasing number of people are dropping their cable subscriptions to conserve money. And they are turning instead to cord cutting edge streaming services. But are such streaming services really worth it? We decided to figure out by cutting out our cable service for three weeks to try out the loading and live television services that are promoted to string cutters. Here's what we discovered:

There Are Lots Of Fees

We had to pay for a commission in order to escape our cable package package that we didn't even know we're in. And we then had to pay a fee monthly for just having online services. And we also had to pay a monthly fee to upgrade our Online rate in order to be able to conduct the live television streaming services that we wanted to take to. So right off the bat, we spend hundreds of dollars . However, we wanted to see if it'd be well worth it in the end so we kept moving.

The Expense Add Up Fast

The small fees for services such as Netflix and Hulu and also Amazon Prime add up very quickly to a massive cost monthly. In the average of $12 per service in the event that you pay monthly and flow on greater than one device the cost of the significant streaming services independently be more expensive than satellite tv every month. Plus on top of the total cost of the streaming solutions, there's the cost of adding live TV streaming companies. Hulu currently includes a mixture of streaming and live TV services but that starts at $40 monthly. Sling television, Direct TV Today as well as alternative services are all around $25-45 a month or more. So when you really look at the expenses of all the services together you wind up paying far more than you'd cover a basic satellite tv subscription.


Hulu's live television interface has been a absolute nightmare to use. And Sling television wound up streaming and lagging through the majority of the most popular shows we all wanted to see since they aired on live television so that we did not get to watch them. There also was no high quality 4K grade video and the noise wasn't great on some one of the services that we tried. Whenever you factor in the frustration and annoyances of dealing with poor quality and poorly designed user interfaces on many of the streaming platforms they are actually not so appealing.

The Verdict

After 3 weeks we're pleased to go back to cable TV. And our cable provider offered us a great deal in order to add satellite tv service again. We have Netflix, Hulu, along with Amazon Prime and watch them often with a Fire TV stick however, the streaming live television proved to be a entire bust and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are perhaps not really a major fan of TV. If you only occasionally watch TV a live-streaming agency might be all that you need but when you love television because we do then stick to cable.

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